Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday. Hope everyone had a great week. Mine surely has been crazy. So much fun, excitement, and Holiday cheer going on. Time for Friday Favorites with Erika, Andrea, and Narci.

The holiday fun of baking has started in our house. The plan is to make a few things a week. I love the excitement Ella has and always asking are we making something today. 

My new addiction is listening to Audible in the car while I am driving. I hate talk radio, but I love listening to different podcasts and now books on Audible. Right now I am listening to The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone. 

It has went from bearable to OMG freezing in like 2 days in Ohio. Yesterday we decided to take the kids to get pictures with Santa at an outdoor shopping mall. (Santa was inside.) Austin wasn't a big fan of being bundled up, but after he realized how cold it was outside he stop fighting it. I am loving all these new adventures with him, aka the cold. 

I have never been one to wear baseball hats. When I went to Disney World something enticed me to buy a hat. I am actually now loving it on my lazy days when I don't want to do my hair (no mom bang twist) I can throw a hat on and run out the door. 

Fuller House Season 2 was released today. I grew up wanting to be Michelle. Loving the new series spinoff, Hoping to find sometime this weekend to watch atleast a couple of episodes. 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

ER Visit Again

My little prince charming surely is giving me gray hair. Tuesday we were at the ER again. We were just there less than 2 weeks ago. This time we went to a different ER and got in and out a lot quicker. 

Austin was climbing up our bed and slipped and fell and hit his face on the bed frame. Our bed has a wooden frame that is about 6 inches high and 3/4 inch wide. He uses it as a step to get on the bed. Unfortunately, this time somehow he slipped and fell. He cried for a little bit, and only bleed a little bit. Every time he went to smile or laugh or cry the cut seemed to open back up again. I decided we needed to take him in to be checked out.

Luckily he didn't need stitches. He only needed it glued and taped together. He was such a trooper. The nurses were surprised at how good he was at everything. He didn't rip off the pulse finger thingy, sat still when they rinsed his cut twice. Now he did scream and try to escape when they did the glue. But who wouldn't when you are held down and your eyes covered.
We had to limit bathing him for 24 hours and don't submerge his eye until the tape is all gone, but really why would you submerge a babies eye? The glue will wear off by itself, and the tape will automatically fall off, if Austin doesn't pull it off himself over time. As of this morning Thursday, 1 piece of the tape has fallen off, out of 3. He was however trying to pull the rest off earlier but we distracted him and he seems to have forgotten about it for now.
I really am hoping he is not going to make this a trend of going to the ER every month. He is mommy's little wild man and very adventurous. 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Daily Christmas Traditions

The holiday season is in full swing. I can't believe that Christmas is only 20 days away, I have so much shopping still to do, but no time without the kids. It will get done like always, and will be at the last minute. The fun part of the holidays is all the different traditions that we have as a family. This year we have 4 that we do everyday. Here is a little inside in our families daily Christmas traditions.

Who doesn't love a Christmas countdown. I have had one since I was little. It was a fabric calendar that had pockets for each day and a cute little cloth mouse that you would move each day. My sister and I would fight over who got to move the mouse. My mom still has that calendar to this day and hangs it up. 
This year my mom bought us a Merry Christmas magnetic countdown calendar to add to our home. Every morning Ella wakes up and moves the peppermint candy piece. 
We also have another countdown calendar I changed the date every day with a dry erase marker. GusGus, our Elf on the shelf brought it with him to his arrival day North Pole Breakfast.

Who doesn't love Chocolate? I always say you can make anything better with Chocolate. Ok everything but most things. Both my kids have advent calendars that we found at Target this year. Ella has Trolls and Austin has Star Wars. (there wasn't much to chose from). Each morning Ella has to look on the calendar and find the correct date. they are in a random order. Then she can open the door and eat the chocolate underneath. Ella also gets to find the date on Austin's calendar and give him his chocolate. This is the second year for this tradition. 

25 Days of Christmas. I know your thinking OMG she gets 25 presents before actually Christmas. Yes, but not really, kinda so. Each night under the tree (right now GusGus's tree that is on the table since our large Christmas tree is not up yet) a book appears and she gets to open it. That book is her bedtime story for that night. Since Ella goes to her fathers house every other weekend she gets the books she missed when she returns either on Sunday night if she is awake, or today she asked if she could open the books this morning, but tonight we get to read 4 books. This is possibly change once we start the tradition with Austin (next year). I haven't decided if they are going to share the books or if he gets his own books yet.
Now about the books. I started this tradition 3 years ago. I bought 25 Christmas books from different stores, Target, Goodwill, Ollies, Dollar Tree... we use most of those same books each year. I have swapped out a few that we didn't like, or she outgrew. Magically a few days after Christmas all this Christmas books just disappear aka get put away for next year. This was a wonderfully horrible pinterst find idea. We really love it. 

The last tradition we started when Ella was 1. I have previously mentioned it before, Gus Gus our elf on the shelf. You can read more about it HERE.

What are your holiday traditions?

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Elf First Week Recap

I have been doing really well with the Elf on the Shelf this year. I have been remembering to move him, even if it is getting up at the last minute and moving him before Ella is getting up, but he is getting moved in fun places. 
For Day 1 we did a North Pole Breakfast, if you messed that post check it out HERE. Now onto the fun of the week and all the wonderful things out of the mouth of a 5 year old. 

"Mommy please don't turn the fan on"

"Mommy GusGus drew on my face and gave me horns"

Do you want to build a snowman?

"Mommy GusGus can't watch your kindle. He will kill that battery, then I can't watch youtube"

"Mommy GusGus made a snow angel with sprinkles, I want to make a snow angel. Can I eat the sprinkles?" (We have no snow it was 56 degrees out that day)

So obviously I can't count and missed day 7, shhhhhh no one knows. 

"Don't worry GusGus I will get you down, but first I can't to eat my chocolate."

Giddy up Puppy Lets go see Santa!!


Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday Favorites

It Friday time for some Friday Favorites with Erika, Andrea, and Narci. This one is a little longer than normal my past ones. There is so much happening in life right now that I am loving. 

Gilmore Girls was one of my favorite tv shows growing up. When they announced Netflix was coming out with 4 new episodes I was so excited. I had to get my Netflix working so I could watch it as soon as it came out. I already watched all 4 episodes and loved them all. I hate the way it ended. I hope it means there will be a spin off series coming soon. 

I found this sparkling water a few months ago at Target. I drank a few and forgot I had it in the basement. It caught my eye last night while I was working out and needed a drink. It is so refreshing and light. I don't drink any pop, but something you want something else besides plan water. It is nice to have every once and a while. 

Its the most wonderful time of the year and that means Christmas music 24/7. Yes I am that crazy person listening to it all the time. I have it on in the car, at work (if I have choice of the radio), and at home on the tv instead of listening to Mickey all the time. 

A few weeks ago I went to a wedding in New York. I found this awesome dress on sale at JCPenny's and so glad I bought it. I was so comfortable, warm enough but not to hot, and I felt confident in it. 

Lastly for this week, one of my favorite things from the past week or so, was my little family of four getting to spend Thanksgivings with both of our families. Plus added bonus we got a picture of all of us smiling. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016


OMG can you believe it. It is already Decemeber 1st. Where has the year gone, where the heck did November go, I swear it just started yesterday. 
I always get so excited the beginning of each new month. A new month means new beginnings, new mindset, new focus, new start, new intentions, new results.... Its a time to sit down and refocus...

December is one of my favorite months of the year for so many reasons. The holiday cheer, the lights, the memories of the past, and making memories with my kids everyday, Brian's birthday is the 8th, seeing family, hopefully snow... I am all about making memories, continuing traditions, and starting new traditions. Now lets make this a December to Remember. 

Last month I started back up making a monthly to do list to hopefully help me accomplish more of what I would like to get done. Lets see how I did in November:
- Take down and organize Halloween decorations I never organized them. I even bought the box, they are sitting in the garage and some upstairs
- Put up Thanksgiving decorations
- Make fall wreath
- Start putting up Xmas decorations (after Thanksgiving) I started today does that count?
- Put toys on layaway
- Make Xmas lists
- Set office up (again) It is set up enough that I can work down there, but not to my liking yet
- Make family binder I can't find my old one, I know its an excuse
- Organize kitchen
- Do 4 crafts with Ella we did 2
- Make 5 new recipes, and post them
- Read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin (actual book)
- Read a non-personal development book on my kindle Read Promise You Won't Tell by John Locke

I did about half of what I wanted to do. I am going to do better this month. I am also going to post my to do list so I can remember what I want to get done. 

Now onto this months list:
- Organize Halloween Decorations
- Make Winter wreath
- Decorate house for Christmas
- Put up and decorate Xmas Tree
- Clean/ Organize Kitchen and Pantry
- Clean bathroom
- Organize dresser top in my room
- Do 4 crafts/ make something with Ella
- Start family binder
- Listen to the 10x Rule by Grant Cardone
- Finish rereading 50 Shakes of Gray 
- Workout every day
- Drink my Shake everyday
- Read the Happiness Project and start my game plan for the new year

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Weight-loss Progress

I normally post anything fitness related over on my other blog Adrienne Rochelle Fitness. For my one year progress I thought I would also share some over here. You can check out my other blog for the full story, here is just some highlights.

Who's with me on wanting to lose weight, get fit, be active, and healthy. Be amazing role models for our children, be confident in your own skin, enjoy going clothes shopping .... I could go on. I know I have personally had an issue with my weight, how I look, and my eating habits since after high school. Since having Austin I really have done a 180 on my own life. I work out frequently, as a family we are eating healthier home cooked meals, and drink a daily dose of dense nutrition that tastes delicious and has made a world of a difference in my life.
In this past year. I have noticed so many little changes such as: having more energy, Ella and Austin choose more fruits and veggies than junk food, we go on family walks, both kids love going to the park and being outdoors. I don't get cravings for junk food. I can count on both hands the number of times I have had fast food. My clothes are fitting better, some clothes are to big, others that I haven't worn in years are fitting again.
Now I will say things haven't been perfect. I am not were I want to be. I hit plateaus and rough spots. I have my mess ups. I am not perfect. But I have made progress. I am not perfect by any means.
Here it is my before and after:

In the last year I have lost 9 pounds. Yes I have yoyo ed back and forth, it has been a stuggled, it hasn't been easy, but I have did it. I have made progress. I can't tell you when the last time I weighed this much was.
Since last November I lost 13 inches, 3 inches alone in my stomach.
I love seeing these results. It shows that I have made progress, it shows me I can make a difference. I am ready to get back into working out and getting more results, starting next week once my back is feeling better. Don't want to hurt myself even more.