Sunday, October 19, 2014

Happy Belated Sweetest Day

Happy Belated Sweetest Day. Yesterday was Sweetest Day. It is a holiday only celebrated in the Midwest United States for those of you unaware you missed a holiday. It is the third Saturday in October. It is very similar to Valentines Day. 

Yesterday when I arrived home from work, sitting on the coffee table as I walk in the door are flowers, a lit candle, and a "I Love You" note from my boyfriend. He can be so sweet. (Ok really he is great 99% of the time, I can't complain)

This year we weren't planning on doing anything for Sweetest Day on Saturday since we had a family birthday party to go to instead. We agreed to have a nice romantic dinner together today, Sunday. Unfortunately that didn't happen either. Brian work up with morning with a really bad sore throat and just feeling miserable. Now it has been rain checked for in a few weeks for a weekend I don't have Aubriella and we can be alone. 
Do you celebrate Sweetest Day?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

A week in a glance

Sunday 10-12-14
I was sick and slept all day. No photos :(

Monday 10-13-14

Curly locks sporting a hat.

Tuesday 10-14-15

Someone likes her new robe

Wednesday 10-15-14

My wonderful rash that we are trying to get rid of.

Thursday 10-16-14

My loves sleeping on the couch,

Friday 10-17-14

Aubriella putting clips in Ariel's hair.

Saturday 10-18-14

My Sweetest Day surprise

Friday, October 17, 2014

Five Friday Favorites

This week Five Friday is Fall Favorites.

1~ Pumpkin Everything 
~~~ I'm obsessed with everything pumpkin from candles to cookies to lattes. My favorite is pumpkin munchkins from Dunkin Donuts.

2~ Beautiful Colors of the Leaves
~~~ All the bright colors of fall always put me in s great mood. I just love all the yellows reds and orange colors everywhere.

3~ Halloween Fun
~~ Since having Aubriella I have started to enjoy Halloween more and more. We have started the tradition of going to different pumpkin patchs, doing crafts, boo at the zoo and so much more. So many memories in the making.

4~ Going to Bonfires 
~~~ Growing up I always use to go camping. Since having a job my work schedule doesn't allow for weekends off. But every fall I get invited to atleast one bonfire. The smells bring back so many memories. Plus its always a blast getting together with friends.

5~ Football Season 
~~~ I use to never really be a football fan Brian is a huge sports fan and has opened my eyes to enjoying different things and taught me how the games work. I can now say I am a huge college football fan. Ohio State all the way.

What are your favorite things about Fall?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall Colors

One of my favorite things about fall is the change of the leaves. They are gorgeous with their colors and it is always a refreshing smell. Driving around today you can see how the leaves are changing on the tree's. It seems like just yesterday all the tree were bright green. Before you know it the tree's will be all bear and that horrible white stuff will be covering their branches. Must enjoy it while it lasts cause it won't be long.

I can't wait to rake the leaves this year and play in them with the girls. I want to make a scare crow with them also this year.

What is your favorite season? What do you like to do in the fall?

Monday, October 13, 2014

A day with Ella

Today has just been a lazy day around the house. Both Aubriella and I are under the weather. These stupid allergies and sinuses are kicking our butts. We have the whole day relaxing, watching tv, and playing.
For Aubriella's birthday she got new Minnie Mouse sleeper pj's. She is just in love with them and doesn't want to take them off. But I am not complaining cause atleast she has clothes on and doesn't think we live in a nudist colony today.
I did bribe her to go pee on the potty today and I would give her the Tinkerbell juice she has wanted. Here she is happy to have her juice.

For lunch today we had leftover whole wheat pasta with meat sauce. Ella liked it so much she had seconds. This was the first time we had thin whole wheat pasta. It will now be a staple in our pantry. While feeding Ella she insisted on big spoon fulls and would say put more on before she would take a bite, 

Aubriella got a Minnie Mouse hat and glasses for her birthday that we bought while at Disney last month. Last night she decided she wanted to try them on. She looks so adorable with her attitude while wearing them

How I wish I could stay home with her everyday.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

A week of photos

Sunday 10-5-14
Ella playing her new guitar

Monday 10-6-14
Ella got new winter boots

Tuesday 10-7-14
 Ella let me braid her hair like Rapunzel. I need some practice.

Wednesday 10-8-14
Eating lunch like big girls

Thursday 10-9-14
The girls holding hands at the park.

Friday 10-10-14
opps I forgot to take a picture

Saturday 10-11-14
Ended up babysitting Claudia. She was an angel at dinner with her Bri Bri